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Make more space for your business.

Sidewalk barricades, or sidewalk barriers, provide a barrier and necessary protection for your outdoor seated customers from pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. Barricades will create a safe and pleasant atmosphere for your customers to enjoy. Barricades can also be used for crowd control and to partition your place. Barricades are also able to work as advertisement space for your establishment by placing your brand logos and designs.

Barricades are custom-made and can be made in various lengths and sizes to fit your needs. Barricades are versatile; they can be fixed in place or they can be rearranged. Barricade frames are made from high quality galvanized steel tubing. Frames can be kept clear or painted based on your preferences. Frames come with steel plates that ensure proper stability, preventing them from falling. Barricade frames can be covered in Sunbrella fabric material that comes in many color choices and patterns. Additional materials may include aluminum, ACM, and more. Barricades are made to last, making your business thrive and keeping your customers happy for a long time.



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