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Commercial Car & Truck Vinyl Wraps.

You can choose to purchase computer cut vinyl decals for two front doors to comply with NY state regulations or advertise your business using your entire van or truck or even bus by wrapping it in vinyl.

Truck Wraps

Truck wraps are large rolls of vinyl film with high-quality digitally printed graphics used to change the look of your pickup truck, SUV, or rig. Our truck wraps are created to allow you to quickly and easily change your truck’s appearance. Truck wraps are ideal for businesses looking to advertise their brand or for individuals that want to make a statement without having to opt for a permanent change (like a paint job).

Truck wraps are available in both full and partial vehicle wraps, giving you more options for your truck wrap needs. Your vehicle can be an incredibly useful asset when it comes to marketing your business. Some businesses paint their vehicles with a logo and contact information, but that can be expensive
and will naturally decrease the resale or trade-in value. A truck wrap is a perfect alternative. Wraps provide advertising benefits while also preserving your vehicle.

What Exactly is a Truck Wrap?

The wrap is a large vinyl decal or graphic that is placed directly over the original paint.


What Is a Vinyl Truck Wrap?

Truck wraps are vinyl sheets with an adhesive back. They’re available in a wide variety of colors and designs. A vinyl truck wrap adheres to your truck giving it a smooth, professional finish. Unlike a typical sticker that looks alright at first and then starts to peel, lift or fade, a truck wrap is heavy-duty and durable. Truck wraps are a great way to give your truck a brand-new appearance. Opt for a vinyl wrap in a bold new color, a unique design, or an updated texture. Whatever look you are going for, there’s a truck wrap to help you achieve it.

Which Parts of a Truck Can You Wrap?

You can fully wrap your truck or use multiple partial wraps for specific parts of your truck. Some common parts of the vehicle you can wrap include:

● Roof
● Hood
● Fender
● Bumper
● Doors
● Tailgate
● Pillar post trim
● Head and tail lights
● Rocker panels
● Mirrors

Truck Vinyl Wrap Benefits:


Truck wraps are incredibly durable. Not only do they look great, but wraps provide a layer of protection to your truck and the paint under it. Protect your truck from the sun and scratches with a truck wrap.
Better Vehicle Graphics and Lettering Graphics are tough to paint on a truck nor are they guaranteed to come out looking how you envisioned them. With a truck wrap, you know exactly how it will look.
The lettering will be clear, crisp, and straight since the letters are printed instead of painted.

Easily Revert Back 

The best part about a truck wrap is the ability to undo it. If you decide you want to remove the wrap, it won’t damage the paint.

Endless Options for a Unique Look


You can easily display your personality or advertise your business with a truck wrap. Our wraps are available in numerous colors. Adds graphic designs and lettering. This is full customization available for a fraction of the cost of a custom paint job.


Get a quote. Upload your own artwork or let us do it for you.

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