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We manufacture and install custom-made fabricated signs for businesses.

We make aluminum and composite flat signs on a frame, coroplast signs, flag signs.


What Are Flag Signs?


There are two different types of flag signs: Regular flag signs and hanging flag signs.

They’re used to help your business stand out and get some attention to your store. This

is especially popular in businesses so they can attract more customers. Along with the

type of flag, you can also choose the height of the flag.


Regular Flag Sign - Popular with advertising but not personalizing. They also help

attract customers from a certain distance away and are very useful for a big city. You

can choose a height of up to 20 feet for your flag sign, this will alert potential customers

from across the way who may not know you’re there yet. It’s good for customers who

want to know what area you’re located in for something that they need.


Hanging Flag Sign - These are perfect for a more personal look, feel, and invite to your business. It’s great for a business that gets a lot of foot traffic in your area so that a lot of people see it. These are meant to be unique and eye-catching to everyone walking by. This way it’s easier for them to remember you and even where you might be located at.


Available Flag Sign Options


Each flag sign option comes with a select few material types and design types. This gives you a more versatile way to give some design to the outside of your store. In New York, you can choose whichever sign you’d like to have to represent your storefront.


Regular Flag Sign - This flag can be double-faced so that potential customers can see and read it clearly from both sides of the flag. They can also be made using the materials vinyl, nylon, and canvas. This style isn’t as versatile in what shapes or sizes you can get.

Hanging Sign - Size isn’t a big issue with hanging signs, or shapes even. They can be made from PVC, wood, or even aluminum. If you want to add a little extra flair to it, you can have it hand-painted, or printed either digitally or screened.


Hanging signs give you a more personal touch to your business than most other businesses would. Each business has its style and expectations and we’ll give you one worthy to hang. Big and bold or soft and subtle, we have an option to satisfy your taste

and show off your business.


Get a quote. Upload your own artwork or let us do it for you.

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